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Outdoor Learning



Does your child love the outdoors? Is your child interested in insects, plants, and animals? Do they enjoy learning in the outdoors? Then our Outdoor Education pathway is the perfect fit for your child!

Outdoor Education is a lifelong learning process that increases your child’s awareness, relationship, and dependence on the environment and its systems.

Some of the benefits of Outdoor Education are:

Our Outdoor Education pathway is made possible by our partnership with Catamount Outdoor Schools (Catamount Institute.)

The Catamount Outdoor Schools programming is embedded within our student's regular school day, so there is no before or after school commitment for our students and their families.

The Howbert staff agreed to work with the Catamount Institute for at least four sessions or 12 hours a school year for each grade level. The Catamount Institute staff continues to work with the teachers and administration of the school to tailor the program to best serve our school's student population.

If your child shows these interests, enroll today with our Outdoor Education pathway program!

  • It gets students outdoors and active in their learning
  • It offers an antidote to the plugged-in lives of today’s generation
  • It improved Academic Achievement by enhancing students’ performance by providing engaging lessons about the natural world.
  • Critical and creative thinking skills are enhanced.
  • Increased school attendance.
  • Strengthened sense of empowerment to make a difference in their community.





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